FOTD Thursday – Sep 2nd

Caught a bee on rose!

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Friday’s Oddball – Nightly Marks

A night holds a lot!

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A Dreamy Rant

Awakening from my sleep

I wonder about the dreams

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Monday Macro FOTD – April 5th

Wrapped beneath the wonders

There are mysteries to uncover

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All That Seems

Far away or close

image source: unknown

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Many Times, They


…. are full of mysteries, with never ending questions and wonders.

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The Mystery of Pir Patho

A centuries tower on a hillock of district Thatta, Sindh (located 100 km east of the Karachi) was recently restored back to it formal glory. But what interested me the most were the mysterious legends behind the construction of the tower, many centuries earlier.

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Prisma Tuesday – Nov 1st

Green at night has its own charm.

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Power and Mystery

What will be your feelings if you find yourself in the company of six huge trees?

image courtesy of Karuna

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Sands Of Night

I walked on sand once during a night


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