FOTD Tuesday – April 20th

A bunch in monochrome!

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Mid-Week Monochrome – A Healthy Dose

Here’s a treat for you!

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Wordless Wednesday – Cucumbers And Onions


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Cosmic Photo Challenge – The Other Patterns

They can be unnatural!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Natural Patterns

Look around and what do you see?

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Green Summer Pumpkin

If you are in mood of something fully organic and totally natural, then this green pumpkin recipe by gfchopstix is just the right thing for you.

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NutriBullet Review By Cee Neuner

Those who love fresh, natural juices must try their hands on NutriBullet, a product far better than any juicer or blender.

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Mix Plate #15

Greetings people!

Weekend is just around the corner and it is time for another session of some great special stuff.


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Guest Post: Natural Bridges National Park, Utah

Some natural bridges, created in a long long span of time. How much time we humans need to understand each other and to bridge the gaps between us?
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