Would You Let Me Inside Now?

Most certainly!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Dipping The Doubles

Two are better than one!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Still Focusing

It is hard to concentrate sometimes!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Lights

The house next to mine was sold out back in May and the new next door neighbor seems to like the front garden much more than the previous owners.

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Two Unlikely Neighbors

Islam and Christianity, two opposing sides with faith and beliefs of their own. The world has seen conflicts between the two in past and the recent events, as put in motion by “The Chosen One“, the need for an understanding between both sides is far more crucial than anything else.


And this is already happening, in a place where you might least expect it.

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A Picture Not So Good

As per photographic standards, this image is not right. The color of spider has whitened up by camera flash and this doesn’t look good at all.  Continue reading

Shattered Pieces

How many glasses you have broken?

broken glass.jpg

Throwing rocks on the windows around your neighborhood, just to piss off someone or you were pissed off yourself.

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The Dying Red

Shot of my neighbor’s roof section, facing main street.

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Green Of The Night Part 2

Here are two more shots I took of my neighbor’s hedge at night:


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Green Of The Night

A shot of my neighbor’s hedge at night.


Taken by Sony DSC-W290 camera.