Friday’s Oddball – F For Fans

Spinning over our heads to cool us!

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Tuesday’s Oddball – Learning To Stack

By using color pencils!

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Friday’s Oddball – Nightly Marks

A night holds a lot!

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Friday’s Oddball – Back To The Cubicle

It finally happened!

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Saturday Odd Ball – Night’s Might

Can you hear the call?

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Friday Oddball – Taller Finally

Not literally though!

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Sunday’s Oddball – Peg Formation

A little creation by me!

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Tuesday’s Oddball – Two Woods

With two different approaches!

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Thursday’s Odd Ball – Happy Feet High Above

Riding on a chairlift high above, my cousins didn’t scared up at all and enjoyed the jaw dropping views as much as they can. After all, you don’t sit on a chairlift everyday.

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Monday’s Oddball – April 18

Ladies and gentlemen,

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