Floral Friday – Feb 9th

If there is nothing new to look on the outside, why not look inside?

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Wordless Wednesday – As Time Goes By


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Dusty Words

Words ain’t old or new

They stay afresh

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B&W Photo Challenge – Abandoned

Abandoned but not forgotten.

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Wordless Wednesday – Once Upon A Table


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An Empty Old Bench

Long and short

Dark and bright

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Re-blog: Sands Of Night

I tried to do something new but something old just kept calling me.

Sand is the topic for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge by Frank Jansen. Yesterday, I went to my local park and captured few snaps of playing area with a bit of grass and more.

But before I could post them up as my entry for the challenge, I recalled an older post of mine about sand in which I shared two pictures of that same playing area along with few thoughts they brought in my mind.

So, instead of showing something new for this week, let me show you something old.


Blog of Hammad Rais

I walked on sand once during a night


These footprints aren’t mine

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Two Materials

Broken and old!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Vintage

Vintage is the topic for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week. Let’s see how many of you remember these!


An old beauty box. This was heavily used by my mother and her sisters during the 80’s and 90’s. I remember this box being the center of so many makeup sessions of countless parties and events.

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Vintage Colorado

Buckle up and take a unique tour of Colorado, vintage that is!

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