Crowds And Company

Seems so strange nowadays, isn’t it?

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Fun Foto Challenge – Playful Colors

Who can say no to them?

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A Photo A Week Challenge – A Creative Dozen

This dozen is for the creativity and a little naughtiness.

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One Word Sunday – Shapes

The very first shapes are always memorable.

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Wordless Wednesday – Midweek Colors


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Prisma Tuesday – July 4th

Drawing up lines on paper is easy, isn’t it?

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Wordless Wednesday – The First Attempt

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Post I Like: 5 Glitchy Drawings

Five drawings by Glitchy Markovich I saw today and really liked.

This is a great work by him.

Drawing #1

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GG’s Art

This is the work of my friend’s friend, whom I only know by her initials: GG

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Baba, I Can’t Do It!

In about 2 months time, Uzair will start the biggest journey of his life. Though for sometime, it will be just fun and play but when time comes, he will truly harness that device in his hands which is mightier than a sword.


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