Post I Like – Visiting The Template Of Toblerone Chocolate

A chocolate inspired by a mountain!

I’m sure you have tasted Toblerone chocolate bar, a triangular shaped chocolate in varieties of center fillings. If not, then you must have seen it on the shelves in your local store. I love Toblerone very much and it is one of my favorite.

But before today, I didn’t knew that the very logo on a Toblerone chocolate bar packet is a real mountain in Swiss Alps, Switzerland.

With many thanks to Erika, I saw the gorgeous Matterhorn mountain, which is the inspiration behind Toblerone chocolate bar. Erika recently made a trip to that picturesque town and has shared tons of scenic captures from there.

Head over to Erika’s blog for an amazing trip 🙂

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You haven’t seen or heard much from me in the past half week. The reason is that I checked off another item on my bucket list.. Beause of Gary’s Swiss Sunday posts, the desire to see the Matterhorn grew and grew. On Thursday the time had come.

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