Jupiter And Saturn Conjunction – Dec 15th

As promised, here is the update for Dec 15th!

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Jupiter And Saturn – A 2020 Conjunction

Look up in the sky!

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FOTD Sunday – April 26th

Closely together!

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One Word Sunday – Little Towers

So small we are!

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One Word Sunday – A Different Earth


Right now

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Floral Friday – June 2nd

This one is very delicate.

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Tiny Us

This big wide world sometimes hides away all those tiny things which can’t be seen normally but their presence can’t be ignored at any cost. No matter how tiny they are, their impact is profound and and ever-lasting. Continue reading

We Are Water


I look at water
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Post I Like: Are We On Tatooine?

Tatooine is a fictional desert planet in Star Wars saga. It is a harsh world orbiting twin suns in a galaxy far far away.

But why am I telling you about a place that doesn’t even exists?

image courtesy of Lucas Films

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Our Home In Emptiness

Our life is circled by people we know, places we visit, things we do, moments we enjoy and, in general, the life we spent on this planet we call our home.

Most of us consider Earth as one giant planet. Or mostly they don’t think about it at all. They just live their lives without ever realizing how small we are in real. Continue reading