Will You Look At It?

Have you ever found a bottle?

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Weekend Sky #73 – Sep 17th

Time will pass

Wounds will heal

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Re-posting – A Burning Star


Behind all these moments
There is one such
That seems close, yet so far

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Floral Friday – Sep 9th

Reaching out further

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Mid-Week Monochrome – Apparently

There’s so much more

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CFFC Wednesday – All Naturals

What’s more inspiring than nature?

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WDYS #150 – A Life’s Circle

Round goes the life

Not just of yours and mine

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Would You Reset

One simple button

To undo all the wrongs

If life just had it

But then again

What would be

Life’s very purpose

If one could press

The rest button

Ever now and then

Re-posting – How Long To Wait

For how long

One should wait?

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FOTD Tuesday – Aug 30th

Lets us be clear

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