Just Ones And Zeros

We opt to be fearless

Across the digital frontier

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Rushing Over

Certain nights

Deviates from normality

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Weekend Sky #40 – Sep 4th

Finally, the rain!

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How To Learn

There’s much to learn

Not for just our own gain

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Thursday Sky – Sep 2nd

Finally some showers!

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Looking At The Water, By The Rocks

One simple scene this is!

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All Is Not Aboard

The whistle is loud and clear

While the smoke rises from afar

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Life In FOTD Color – Aug 11th

Apologies for this mashup!

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One Word Sunday – Old Doing New

Certainly everyday

Our pair of old hands

Do so much new for us

But once the job is done

That same entirely new

Morphs into an old

And so, our hands

Takes another step

To be more old

For Debbie Smyth’s One Word Sunday – Old

Questioning Around

Life is certainly a big test

Loaded with tough questions

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