Waiting For The Future

All of us travel everyday. From one point to another, either on land, air or water. There are infinite reasons behind our traveling but one thing is certain: Our travels take us closer to the future.

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Red Streets

Once in my town
Streets weren’t green

They were red
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The Fight Goes On

Before leaving office this evening, I received Daily Post’s one word prompt email today. The word is Fight and I didn’t got the chance to participate in it. But later, I read this great post by Joseyphina in reply to the prompt.

It’s a great read and you should read it
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In The Flow

A flow of certain things is needed in life
They should be smooth, not too messy

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Eyes Softly Shut – Night Version

My very first post that received a double figures of likes was Eyes Softly Shut.

I wrote it up after watching a panaflex board of a beauty salon featuring a girl with her eyes closed. Her closed eyes reminded me of an old Pakistani song about speaking eyes.

Then one day, I translated the lyrics of that song in English and took a photo of the board also. And so Eyes Softly Shut was created and published. I received many likes and views on it, which was great. Then I took another photo of that same board during night but didn’t shared it. Continue reading

Lots Of Time

Check out these other great enteries I liked in response to The Daily Post’s Time

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Spring 5
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Frames Of Time

In response to The Daily Post’s Time


As I paused up to take these pictures on the road, I didn’t realized that I captured a single moment of time in a frame. A frame in which time seemed to be holding still while world was traveling. Continue reading

A Vibrant Life

Yesterday’s Vibrant photo challenge prompt by The Daily Post is surely coloring the blogging world

Here’s another picture from my archive:


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Metal And Plastic

In response to The Daily Post’s Vibrant

Metal chairs on colors
metal colors 3

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Can You See V?

In response to The Daily Post’s Alphabets

I got caught up in a V
I was surrounded
Nowhere else to go
What should I do Continue reading