Will You Look At It?

Have you ever found a bottle?

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Answering A Hunger’s Call

Once upon a late night hour

My heart desire for a savour

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Play It Again And Again

A fancy one here

A glittering one there

This ain’t “that!”

So much to look at


That unique pulsion within

Keeps poor heart in a constant spin

Oh, this collection with such pizazz

Generating vibes of a melodic jazz

Bound To Happen

What would last forever

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My Olds In World’s New


The state of my mind

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Time To Sail

Winds of change

Always in motion

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Time Consuming

When a new dawn breaks

Mind wonders about

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A whole lot just munch for the taste

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Ready To Play?

The rules are all set

And guidelines have been provided

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There Is No Planet B

Humankind’s consuming habits

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