Much More Late

Took more than just a while

To pull over the curtains

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For The Whole World

If all my pockets had stayed full

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Fueling The World

This very world of ours

Where we live our lives

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A Lantern Solution

For life’s darn problems

If only the perfect solution

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Save Your Reality

Life sometimes need frenetic pacing

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A Seasonal Shifting

The spring is long gone

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Rushing Over

Certain nights

Deviates from normality

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Questioning Around

Life is certainly a big test

Loaded with tough questions

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A Lifetime Of Filtering

I like this

I hate that

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Just What If

There are moments

On almost daily basis

When I can’t stop myself

From thinking over

The long list of what if’s

From the days gone by


But they all are like rain drops

Falling from the sky

And hitting the ground below

Can’t stop them from falling

But only to embrace them

With a smile on my face

For RDP Sunday – Poigant