Weekend Sky #30 – June 5th

A burst of enlightening above!

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Weekend Sky #20 – March 13th

An obscurity up there!

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Weekend Sky #10 – Dec 12th

There’s something in the air!

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Weekend Sky #06 – Nov 14th

Rise and shine!

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FOTD Monday – Sep 14th

Spreading out!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Stare Into Magic

Can I borrow few moments of your today?

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Wonderful Water

Water is so wonderful!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Have A Seat!

Please, take your seat and relax!

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Prisma Tuesday – Jan 3rd

Sit and relax!

For mere few moments as life drags you back to the arena, where glittering is not what it seems and festivity is hiding something unknown.

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Relax My Son

My son!

You are young

Enjoying life’s earliest

For you, playing is everything


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