FOTD Thursday – April 1st

Thousands of stories to tell

How many will you listen to

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A Call Of The Moments

I wonder if you will ever remember

Those moments and those gatherings

When clouds were just a touch away

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What My Walls Are Carrying

The cracks are now appearing

On the walls in my home

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I Always Delay

I always delay

In doing everything


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A Year Without Annee

Those who are around will not stay here forever and those who are no more are deeply missed. This is what life is all about. No one comes into this world with an eternal life. We do our part and leave the stage for others as the show is going on since world came into existence and it will last till the very end.

Our lives are shaped up by not only the experiences we go through but also by the presence of those who love and care for us. We share good times and enjoy the company of each other, enriching our lives together. And if they leave us for good, we feel so lost and uncertain. Continue reading

A Dream


Those who are far today
They step in memories often

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