CMMC – Counting The Curves

Sometimes, there are more than just one!

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Weekend Sky #01 – Oct 10th

Presenting my very own photography challenge!

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Fun Foto Challenge – What About Cars

What it is about a set of 4 wheels, a gasoline engine and wide open roads?

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Some Old Clouds

These are some old clouds

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Two Roads

Smooth vs rough

Easy vs hard

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B&W Photo Challenge – Vanishing Highs

Not for weak hearts!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Wheeled Isolation

A different take this is!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Traveled Paths

How will I know

About what lies ahead

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Windows To The Unknown

An opening to worlds,
Unknown and unseen,
Is furnished by windows!

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Which Way Challenge – Peaceful

One the first things that grabbed my attention, during my recent visit to Dubai, was the multi-lane roads and how smoothly traffic flows on them. Continue reading