B&W Photo Challenge – Improvised Bench

An example of improvisation, on roadside!

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Wordless Wednesday – Night Market


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Wordless Wednesday – Flowerpots

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On The Road – Paan Cabin

This is a Paan cabin, one of the most noticeable and abundant objects you will see in Karachi. Serving the population of more than 23 million, you can find paan cabins on every road, bus stop, street or market in Karachi.

Nobody knows the exact quantity of paan cabins in Karachi as they are literally everywhere. There are 7 paan cabins near to my home and I can walk pass all of them within 10 minutes time frame. Continue reading

A Footpath Adventure In Karachi

My city, Karachi. Home to more than 10 million souls, bursting with so many colors of life. Where skilled craftsmen of virtually every known skill to man, marks their unique set of skills.

The city feels so empty without such people. They are an essential part of our lives here and we utilize their services in so many ways. They have so many stories to tell, if only they can spot a listener.

Today, we are meeting few such story-tellers!

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Two Roadside Winter Snacks Of Karachi

Arrival of winter brings warm clothes, hot beverages, long night chats in front of fireplace and all other things you can imagine to keep your blood stream running smoothly during those chilly days and frosting nights.

Winter also bring seasonal foods with it, which are delight for everyone. Among such are Sweet Potatoes and Corn Kernel.

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