Not Just Roses Are Red

Not so long ago

I user gave her a rose

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Floral Friday – Aug 21st

Today was long!

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Floral Dessert

Yeah, they are meant to be eaten!

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Floral Friday – Feb 14th

One single day

Out of entire year

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Fun Foto Challenge – Off To Lettering

Write it down!

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Photo For The Week 14 – I Give You Red

Roses are cute in red

And so do violets in blue

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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Little Pointers

Small they might be but their point casts an impression!

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I Look For Life

My dear life!

Where should I look?
Tell me where to look for you

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Thoughts For Thursday – August 25

Life is not always the same. Ups and down are part of it and through a bumpy ride, we eventually learn so much. Not just about ourselves but also about the world we live in.


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The Roses Are Still Beautiful

Like all other flowers, roses are hard to ignore. You just can’t turn your head in the other direction if a bunch of bright red roses catches your sight.

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