Whatever Is Lovely – Fun In Snacks

Some fun goodies!

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Whatever Is Lovely – Once Upon A Classroom

Where the fun never ends!

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Weekday Sky – Sep 30th

A unique rose is expected!

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Squaring Trees – Not Just A Little High

I have never climbed a tree!

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One Word Sunday – A School Pool

To be honest, I was so close in diving over!

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Life’s New Chapter For My Son

A new beginning for my precious son!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Off To Lettering

Write it down!

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Proud And Happy Today

He did it!


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One Word Sunday – Vatical

That’s how he used to pronounced it!

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An Era’s End

Yesterday marked an end for a big chapter in Uzair’s life!

As it was his very last day in his pre-school. After spending about 3 years over there and getting his very first basic knowledge about life’s basics, he is ready to step into the primary section of his educational life. He said good-bye to his teachers and met his classmates.

I’m feeling little sad about this because last 3 years in that pre-school, he learned so much about not just basic education but also about interacting with people outside home. He made his very first friends in school, about whom he told me almost everyday in past 3 years. The school lunch hour and playing in the playarea were his favorite. He even loved to share his home made lunch with his friends in school, which is a very good thing.

And he also loved learning about the basics like alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors and so much more. And showing me acheiving full marks in a class test, when I would return back home from work, was his favorite thing to do. I never stopped wondering about how Uzair spent his day in school, doing his classwork or playing with his friends. I wondered about this so many times and dearly wished to capture his activities on video but that never happened. This makes me sad.

Three years ago, I wrote the post you can read below about Uzair’s first day in pre-school and now, I’m writing about his last day.

Time surely flies so fast and it takes away so much from us. But on the other hand, it also gives us moments to cherish about for the rest of our lives.

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Well folks, today was the day!

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