Wordless Wednesday – Nightly Business


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The Bhuttay Wali Of Seaview

Many times in our life, we do the unthinkable. Something we aren’t accustomed with but circumstances we found ourselves in, forces us take that step which we may not take during normal times.

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Summer, Salad And Sunday

Fresh, raw and full of health. Now who can say no to a scrumptious bowl of salad, especially on a hot summer day.

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Monday’s Odd Ball – April 25

This is the view of outside my home. Beside two parked cars and a motorbike (they aren’t mine), you can notice a cart and a guy. That cart is full of fresh seasonal vegetables belongs to that guy, named Khalid. He is my neighborhood’s vegetable seller.


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The Night Sellers

Few fruit sellers on cart decided to go back home with empty carts. So, in order to lure customer, selling their remaining lot at night on high discount prices is a norm in Karachi.


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