A Dreamy Rant

Awakening from my sleep

I wonder about the dreams

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Sleeping Candid

If one has to, then a must it is!

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Sleep Of My Little One

This is the very first smile!

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Relax My Son

My son!

You are young

Enjoying life’s earliest

For you, playing is everything


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Wednesday Wisdom – June 15

A simple, one-liner wisdom for today!

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I Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep all night long
Can someone tell me what’s in your heart


You are not with me anymore
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The Sleeping Dinosaur

A dinosaur would have given so much headache to us if they were still around. But lucky for us (we owe a big thanks to that asteroid, you know!!), they are not here anymore.

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Change of Flavor


Scene #1

Date: November 9th, 2015

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