A Night’s Rhythm

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A Soul’s Thirst

There’s a certain thirst

Deep within the soul

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A Photo A Week Challenge – This Way For….

If only one can find this at every corner of their journey!

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FOTD Thursday – March 10th

Will there ever be a stop
Once you have reached the top

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Weekend Sky #56 – Feb 19th

A little dissolving for today!

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Weekend Sky #53 – Jan 22nd

A shine is very much needed!

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Floral Friday – Dec 17th

If only the perfect moment

Let us know beforehand

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The Other Kind Of Injury

Seems so easy to feel the pride

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Pull Up A Seat – A Sunny Morning In Terrace

When sunshine is warm enough!

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Post I Like – #PoeticTuesday

A little more about dreams, courtesy of Erika Kind 🙂

Vanishing Dreams

A soul creates so many dreams

Of what it wants to see

Some you drop while some you chase Some you make your reality

A dream you hold tight to your heart

One that you warm and care

You give that spark of life to it

And make it linger in the air […]