Me, Myself And My Thoughts

Alone in my thoughts

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Weigh And Leash

The point of views

Can vary dramatically

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Heavy Moments

What can you hear

When no one is speaking

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Let Colors Talk

Have you ever tried

Hearing the sound of colors?

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

For those who stumble over

Speaking out their hearts

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Floral Friday – Feb 23rd

Words will always be the heaviest of all!

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To Say Or Not To Say

Is it hard to say sorry after hurting someone or is it difficult to live a life without hurting them in the first place?

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Post I Like – Tell Me Something Good

I follow a personal motto: If you can’t perform a good act, this doesn’t qualify you for acting badly.

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Friday Quote – Feb 3rd

Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!


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Close, Cover, Hold


Close your eyes
Darkness surrounds you

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