One Word Sunday – Dual Treats

A match made for the taste buds!
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Pakistani Style Chicken Jalfrezi

Want a little spice this holiday season?

image courtesy of Recipes Fab

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Simple Bun Kebab And Chutney

In Karachi, the street food stands out high among the rest. We do have cafes and restaurants here but the joy of eating out in the open, if you are shopping in local market or just stepped out from your office for lunch, is priceless. Continue reading

Spicy Moong Dal

Lentils are known as dal in Pakistan and they are available in so many varieties. They are easy to cook and full of nutrition. Dal is mainly cooked up as soupy or thick and often eaten up with either plain boiled rice or roti (flat bread).

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A Food Local

For me, local is all about having a great family time. And a great family time can’t be complete without some tasty meal on the table.

If you are inviting a large number of people in your home for dinner, you need something big!


This is my kitchen and that giant pot can cook up to 10kg of Daleem

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