Gracious Strangers

Some gracious ones

In life’s journey

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No More Reading

And for those who just

Loved to read the faces

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Let Me Understand

Let me understand
Why it just happened
Why did I become a stranger

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What Was Today?

A day I spent at my home

In the name of those

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Inside vs Outside


Would it be wise
To leave the zone

One that is your home
Where you feel safe

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You And I

We are living along
Life is slipping away

But every passing day
Is leaving a question

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The Stranger On The Bus Restored My Faith In Humanity

Despite what is going on in the world today and what the “chosen one” is signing upon everyday, people of the world are still what matters the most. Because you, me, our families and our friends, we are the world. We shape the very world we live in through mutual understanding and cooperation.

image courtesy of Hijabi Online

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The Taste Of Pleasure

What is the taste of pleasure?

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A Happy Day

How do we live a life to its fullest?

There is no scale or measuring instrument to judge this. We are all living and doing what we can do. Some of us go couple of steps further and by doing so, they consider themselves above from the rest. I agree with their point but those who don’t act alike, aren’t they living a life?

image courtesy of Megan

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A Stranger

Hey stranger!
I remember you

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