Squaring Trees – Not Just A Little High

I have never climbed a tree!

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Silent Sunday – Three Across The Street

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One Word Sunday – A Touch Of Light

It happened one night!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Just Outside Home

Few simple views!

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Fun Foto Challenge – People And Places

Just go out and see!

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I Look For Life II

Haven’t seen but still
I sketch up your face

Anxiously waiting for
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Wordless Wednesday – July 6th

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Fun Foto Challenge – All About Cities

This week’s Fun Foto Challenge by Cee is all about the cities where we live. So let me show you a very little glimpse of my city, Karachi.


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Red Streets

Once in my town
Streets weren’t green

They were red
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Mix Plate #13

Okay, now it’s been a hat-trick here once again. I was thinking about doing this post earlier this week but because of so much “other” work, I was unable to.

But that didn’t put me away in doing what I love to do. Serving specials to my dear friends!

Without further ado, enjoy today’s favorites along with your weekend!

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