Silent Sunday – Lets Go Pink

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Silent Sunday – A Morning On Curtain

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Silent Sunday – A Shine Among The Giants

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I’m Not Talking With You Guys

One will certainly differ from the rest!

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Life In FOTD Color – Aug 14th

Closing in on the reds!

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Just What If

There are moments

On almost daily basis

When I can’t stop myself

From thinking over

The long list of what if’s

From the days gone by


But they all are like rain drops

Falling from the sky

And hitting the ground below

Can’t stop them from falling

But only to embrace them

With a smile on my face

For RDP Sunday – Poigant

Silent Sunday – Let It Dissolve

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Squaring Trees – From Old To New

A new beginning, just beneath the old!

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Silent Sunday – Little Ones

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The Absence

Yup, I’m missing out a lot!

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