Not So Focused Bright

I can point towards the breeze for this!

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FOTD Thursday – April 15th

There’s so much to know

For both the minds and hearts

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FOTD Wednesday – March 3rd

Playing with yellow!

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FOTD Thursday – Feb 18th

Over here in my town

The days are getting warmer

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Still Going On

The last few remaining

But still standing strong


Letting the world know

About not giving up

No matter what

Sharing with RDP Monday – Robust and Word Of The Day Challenge – Sprightly

FOTD Thursday – Nov 19th

Few wishes

Really tiny ones

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Mid-Week Monochrome – The Last Petals

Probably making the last stand!

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FOTD Thursday – June 11th

I look towards easiness

As I dislike hardships

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FOTD Tuesday – Feb 18th

Look closely!

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Floral Friday – Dec 13th

Gaps and spaces

Are life’s part

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