Which Way Challenge – A Settling Curve

This is an old one!

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Settling Down By The Tolet Sign

A random capture from one random evening!

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Weekend Sky #26 – May 1st

Settling with a shine!

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Steps For The Top

Standing at the top

While viewing a day’s end

Mind and heart finally sync up

Not because of the day’s end

But to wonder about tomorrow

Over the steps of today

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels.com

A Special Brand New Bright

This one is really really special!

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A Brightening Cloud-lapse

To mark an end of a day!

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Okay, This Is The Last Pose!

No more camera clicks and one more requests!

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CMMC Thursday – Off To The Road

Varied views from the road!

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Wordless Wednesday – A Dusk Drive

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Wordless Wednesday – Evening Riders


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