Quetta Is Red Again

Celebrations had already begun
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Darkness In A Park

From mid of March I think, I’m sharing floral pictures on my blog. These snaps are taken by some really great photographers, who are so kind to share their work with rest of the world.

Today, I’m sharing many of those floral snaps together in this post because my heart is deeply sad. I’m sad because of what happened in Lahore yesterday. Pakistan’s second largest and definitely the most historic one, was rocked up on Easter evening, when a bomb blast took place in a park.

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The Dying Breed II

I just saw the news of Brussels incident in which many peaceful souls lost their lives.

Brussels Airport logo, via Google

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Guest Post: The Other Picture of Pakistan

Name Pakistan creates a picture of a lawless land in your mind where extremism flourishes and society is in chaos. A dark picture indeed it is.

Pakistan Map

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