FOTD Tuesday – Oct 12th

Of all that I went through

What have I gained

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Lens-Artists Challenge – From Rise Till Set

So much we go through within a day!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Treasured Tender

Such moments are treasure worthy!

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Monday’s Odd Ball – Gems From Workplace

Sometimes, you can spot a gem or two!

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Not Anymore

So much that was
From days long gone

Is just not anymore

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Floral Friday – 24th Mar

What treasures are hidden inside your chest?

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I Look For Life III

That first love!

And all those memories
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Wisdom On Sunday

Yes, you can take a pill of wisdom on Sunday also, a day normally associated with relaxation and enjoyment.


We all are looking for treasure. A treasure to enrich our lives and more. For this, our hearts play a big role.

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