Lens-Artists Challenge – In The Gardens Of Wonderment

Easy to step in, hard to step out!

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Above A City’s Bright

A look from a higher point!

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Wordless Wednesday – A Dusk Drive

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Post I Like – A Little Bit Of Kindness

Check out this thought provoking post from Aysa!

This is especially for those who are making travel plans for themselves.


I’ve been thinking of writing something about love because even though I don’t celebrate Valentine’s, I can’t discount the fact that February is always associated with the word love. And love for me is always associated with kindness.

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Silent Sunday – A Roadside Silence

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One Word Sunday – First Foreign Skyline

Truly the first one!

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WWE Wednesday – Jan 6th

And so, the longing continues in 2021!

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A Fan Of Roadside Greens

A companion on the road!

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Wordless Wednesday – Roadside Greens


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Lens-Artists Challenge – Quiet All The Way

I like to stay quiet!

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