Friday Fun – Contrasting Bricks

Carpeted all over the floor

These bricks served their purpose

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Friday Fun – On That Path

Here’s an old poem of mine for this week’s Friday Fun – Your Path by Kate

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One Word Sunday – Small In Big

They were small, not so long ago!
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FOTD Sunday – Oct 11th

I like to walk

Sometimes alone

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A Taste Of Everything

Back to the waves!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Small Subjects

Spiders are really itsy-bitsy here and this is such a big relief.

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Just Trust Me

Trust will grow again
Come close to me

Paths will shape up
Just walk with me

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Which Way Challenge – A Green Walk

A little green walk under a bright sun is beyond beautiful, isn’t it?

You may want to walk like forever or you may just stand still, soaking up all the freshness you can.

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Prisma Tuesday – Nov 15th

Have you ever walk on a path unknown to others?

Once you start walking, others will follow and soon that path won’t be unknown anymore.

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Don’t Want To Fly

With a twinkle in his eye

He grabbed her hand

Gentle warmth engulfed her heart

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