Those Who Have Walked Before Me

The tracks are all around us!

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Squaring Up The Heels

Made for walking!

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FOTD Sunday – Oct 11th

I like to walk

Sometimes alone

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Re-blog: You Just Can’t Stop Running

Because of last night’s late return home from a wedding event, I slept up late. Though I woke up on time in morning but somehow made myself late in leaving home for work.

Hence, I had to run a little to catch my bus, which was waiting for me at the stop, thankfully. That little running made me realized, after I sat in the bus and collected up broken breaths, that I can’t really run in real life also.

Despite being good at walking long distances, I can’t cover the same distance through running. Which is a definite sign for me that I’m now transitioning into not-that-young-lad-anymore era of my life.

And which is also reminding me today about this piece I wrote back in 2017 about running without any breaks.

Read it out!

Blog of Hammad Rais


Running out for so long

Sometime, I wish for a break

But there is no slowing down

Or even a pause sign ahead

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B&W Photo Challenge – Grass And Sand

What lies beneath!

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For T’s And W’s Of Alk


To those who can

Talk “the talk”

And walk “the walk”

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B&W Photo Challenge – Walking Paths

One step at a time, to reach the top!

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Prisma Tuesday – June 6th

Lowering your head and looking down is good. Very good I say.

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Don’t Be A Fool


You may proud yourself as an outlier?

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Prisma Tuesday – Mar 28th

Despite many thoughts and sayings about life being a long journey in which you walk through many paths, ain’t life also being about little bit of peddling?

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