FOTD Tuesday – Jan 5th

So many to choose from

But can only pick a few

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Bubble To Be

From inside a bubble

Everything can be seen

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Floral Friday – Aug 4th

What you want is your thing!

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The Big Tackle

Hard for many souls

To cool off themselves

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What Are You After?

What we all want the most?

For everyday to be brighter than the previous


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Don’t Want To Fly

With a twinkle in his eye

He grabbed her hand

Gentle warmth engulfed her heart

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Can I Have Them All?

Uzair (my son) is pretty fond of toy cars. His toy collection mostly consists of all sorts of cars and he loves to play with all day long. You can check this post about those cars.

These pictures gives you an idea about how much he loves toy cars:


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