Weekend Sky #14 – Jan 9th

A little peek from a giant!

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Weekend Sky #09 – Dec 5th

The little desires aren’t so faraway from me

But they are also not so easy to reach!

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LPM Photo Adventure – A Shady Settling Down

Not so clear but you can get the idea!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – A Might’s Fall

As you are about

To take your usual fall

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Friendly Friday Challenge – A New Day

A sunrise means a lot!

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Good To Get Cozy

Days are turning short

Nights a little longer

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One Word Sunday – Hiding Sunshine

Nice try, sunshine!

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Remembering A Shine Of Past

Haven’t seen one in a while now!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Pink

Pink reminds me about softness.

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Mix Plate #7

It’s Friday finally!!

A weekend to be at home, spend time with family and just relax.

mix plate

And also time for another serving of Mix Plate.


Purple with poetry, now that is a lovely combination.

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