Weekend Sky #37 – Aug 14th

To be free!

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Life In Color – Ladder To The Blues

One step at a time!

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Silent Sunday – Nothing But Blues

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WWE Wednesday – An Old Boat On Calm River

This one caught my attention completely!

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A Fan Of Roadside Attractions

I used to capture them a lot!

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A Roof On Not So Top Of The World

This may be a little above the typical level for many!

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Life In Color – Faith Over White

Having some is always good!

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Long Gone Wonders

I have thrown away

So many bottles

Into the sea of life

Filled with memories

Of varied kind

I know they are long gone

And will never return

Back to me

But a faint hope of twist

Flickers deep in the heart

Making me wonder

About what if……

Wordless Wednesday – Above The Green Giants

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Monday Macro FOTD – April 5th

Wrapped beneath the wonders

There are mysteries to uncover

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