Sunday Poser #101 – Title Is Vital

May I have your attention please?

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Reposting – Something New

I haven’t heard
Sounds of lands afar

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What Boils Within

In varied shapes and sizes

Words bury within

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Floral Friday – Feb 12th

Sometimes, it is good to stay silent!

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In The Matter Of Words

Words after words

Felt like pegging

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Weigh And Leash

The point of views

Can vary dramatically

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FOTD Monday – June 30th

I can understand quite a lot

But hard for me to explain it all

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An Instant’s Tale

Mending the damage

Caused by actions

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Floral Friday – Aug 17th

To say or not to say, one better weighs upon it!

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Re-blog: Life After The Chaos

Many times in life, unexpected things happen.

This little piece I wrote last year, reminds me about such times.

Whether they happened in distant past or near present!

Blog of Hammad Rais

Collecting shattered pieces of life

After a catastrophic storm

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