Floral Friday – Feb 12th

Sometimes, it is good to stay silent!

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In The Matter Of Words

Words after words

Felt like pegging

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Weigh And Leash

The point of views

Can vary dramatically

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FOTD Monday – June 30th

I can understand quite a lot

But hard for me to explain it all

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An Instant’s Tale

Mending the damage

Caused by actions

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Floral Friday – Aug 17th

To say or not to say, one better weighs upon it!

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Re-blog: Life After The Chaos

Many times in life, unexpected things happen.

This little piece I wrote last year, reminds me about such times.

Whether they happened in distant past or near present!

Blog of Hammad Rais

Collecting shattered pieces of life

After a catastrophic storm

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B&W Photo Challenge – Glass’s Bottom

Looking at a glass’s bottom!

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Re-blog: Ten ETs*

Do you need the most simplest and down to Earth list of Do’s and Don’ts for succeeding in life?

Then here’s a little Friday gift for you!

Courtesy of Karina Pinella, this list is as simple as you can think but as I believe, and I’m sure you also, words do weigh more than anything else we know.

Many thanks to Karina for sharing this amazing set of gems 🙂

Karina Pinella

*Empowering Tenets

Image: Pixabay

  1. Choose to appreciate over being an ingrate
  2. Avoid being a fool wherever you rule
  3. Give while you live
  4. Listen without condition
  5. Aspire to inspire
  6. Leave lots of latitude when encountering attitude
  7. Strive to thrive
  8. Choose to recycle before using a waste receptacle
  9. Provide no resistance to those needing assistance
  10. Only be a quitter when holding on to the bitter

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Floral Friday – Feb 23rd

Words will always be the heaviest of all!

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