My Olds In World’s New


The state of my mind

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In An Ant’s Way

Pick an ant!

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A Slow Flow

Oh my heart

Let’s just flow

Not so rapidly

But a little bit slow

Don’t take me as naive

There’s a spark within

The world may be anew

Ready to take it all in

Eyes are all set

On the path right ahead

Wishing for the sky

To stay just as blue

Will take it slow

As I’m ready to flow

Where Is That Voice

Is there a chance

That you would call me

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Post I Like – #PeacePoeticTuesday

What’s better than the peace for our world right now?

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A Dream Not So Hard

The world needs peace

More than ever before

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Much More Late

Took more than just a while

To pull over the curtains

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Will You Let The World Hear You?

What would you say

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For Our Own Sake

Smite the world

With your mindfulness

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Not A Restless Being

I can’t be restless

No matter what

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