Floral Friday – Sep 24th

We all look back!

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Floral Friday – Feb 26th

The very line

Between right and wrong

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FOTD Wednesday – Feb 24th

Step out and wide

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Floral Friday – Oct 18th

Don’t force yourself to be right!

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From Heart To Mind

In the blink of an eye

Solid facts captures mindset

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Our Rights And Wrongs


Big or small

Open or closed

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A Raging Battle

On those battlefields

Where right and wrong

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You And I

We are living along
Life is slipping away

But every passing day
Is leaving a question

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Table For 2

Maybe you are right
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The Wrongfully Right

Right or wrong, good or bad, big or small, light or dark, white or black. These are just few of so many uncountable variations to define two different sides. Irrespective of what they are and what they do, both sides balances not only the world around us but also our lives in so many ways.


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